Knowing Yourself!

It’s January so we all read the New Year new you articles and weigh up the person we would like to be.  Usually that entails questioning what will be the new image to go with the new you?

I don’t know about you but I have always felt the same through my 20’s, 30’s and 40’s but should the way I dress have changed?  Is there such a thing as age appropriate clothing?  I personally continue to wear some of the clothes I have had in my wardrobe for 20 years or so, it’s how I style them that has changed, how I mix new additions and blend clothes together, I think that is the key!  Surely how we dress is a perfect opportunity to express ourselves, an opportunity to feel good about ourselves.    It’s not so much about trends but what works for each of us, we can not all wear the same shapes, colours or prints, it just doesn’t work.  Also how boring would that be if we did all dress the same. 

On a daily basis you can generally tell how I feel on that day by what I have chosen to put on from my wardrobe.  Its just nice to have a choice, even if I am just at the school gates, will I choose the practical coat or will I choose the totally impractical number?  I am in a great position where I do not have a work wardrobe so have wardrobe freedom.  I was reading an article in Red Magazine the other day that spoke about dressing appropriately for your career.  I was interested to read that some women are breaking free from the  “clever woman myth” which dictates that they wear the sensible clothes in dark colours so as to be taken seriously.  I am sure that we have all judged a professional person’s worth based on the way they have dressed.  I am sure that if faced with a wildly crazily dressed solicitor or the power dressed norm my instinct would tell me that the latter would be somehow more professional.  It is instinct to accept the stereotypes, should this be a thing of the past? Should we dress appropriately? Whatever that means!