MINSKY Residence at The Mensroom…This Week…Wednesday 22nd May 10-3pm…Thursday 23rd May 10-4pm ..Saturday 25th May 10-5pm

Coming Out of Lockdown

We are finally open again after what can only be described as the most surreal time. 

When I look back, most of the time spent in lockdown seems a blur except for the feeling of calm and the lack of anxiety with no decisions to make.  The feeling of peace in chaos as the whole world stands still.  Should I feel guilty to say.. I have actually enjoyed it!  For me I threw myself into the home schooling and transferred my usual obsession with Minsky to my obsession for perfecting the teaching I was undertaking.  It sounds crazy but in fact it kept me sane! 

And so for the Re-Opening! Last week was a week of preparation, we were determined to make sure the shop looked amazing to welcome everyone back but of course we had to factor in the safety guidelines which now dominate our lives outside. Posters went up, hand sanitiser was placed and space was made to accommodate all of our shoppers. 

Now the first customers have come through the door and it has been lovely to have a glimpse of normality back.  People have been happy to look and talk and ready to move forward. 

And now for me....I have two roles to balance the teaching one and the Minsky one!  Lets see how that goes!