MINSKY Residence at The Mensroom…This Week…Wednesday 22nd May 10-3pm…Thursday 23rd May 10-4pm ..Saturday 25th May 10-5pm

Closing the doors for November!

I never thought a lockdown would happen again, but here we are about to close the doors of the shop for a second time.  This time with more awareness of how it all works but still anxious at the prospect of what lies ahead.  So now I am frantically trying to upload product in a bid to keep sales coming.  

In store I like to create mini pictures with product, little areas of creativity, it's what makes the product shine, the way they are positioned beside each other.  I buy and display by colour, imaginative display brings the product to life.  It is very difficult therefore to actually put that across with flat images in white boxes and turn them into online sales.  It's the new challenge to bring Minsky alive and inspire shoppers online!